Thursday, February 04, 2010

Having fun with branding

A South African airline called Kulula has apparently rebranded its aeroplanes, settling on an 'aeroplane for dummies' approach. This is the sort of thing that could so easily be a hoax, so I've done a bit of background searching and can't confirm or refute the story.

I hope to goodness it's true. Who wouldn't? Just have a look at the article and the images. Isn't the whole thing delightfully tongue in cheek? It puts me in mind of a t-shirt I once saw on a young guy in our church. On the back, it bore the words 'Arse' and 'Elbow', with arrows pointing in the appropriate directions.

I hope you are inspired and/or tickled by this as much as I was.

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Ryan said...

I think this is great and I think the title of your article says it all. You should have fun with branding. When you have fun you let your creative imagination run wild and it takes you to great ideas like this one.