Sunday, October 23, 2005


For me, this is a comparitively new arena. I have not yet tried to make my own podcasts, but I have recently downloaded ipodder ( from the Masie Centre onto my system and have started subscribing to podcasts all over the place.

The quality of the podcasts varies enormously in terms of sound, content and presentation. It's pretty much like going to a presentation by a speaker - great content can be poorly presented (and vice versa) and great content and great presenters can fall prey to technology. I am particularly impressed with the Masie Centre, as well as Bob Sprankle's Bit by Bit ( Several churches have also embraced this technology as a means of making their sermons widely available, and some of them are leading the way (so to speak!), is an excellent example.

Perhaps I will soon pluck up the courage to create my own. This is a great way to bring online learning to life and it opens up opportunities for people with sight-related disabilities - so much more engaging than a screen reader!

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