Thursday, April 13, 2006

Collaboration makes waves

We will focus on technologies that meet the demand for personalised media. It is a trend we are already seeing with the growth of blogs, podcasts and peer-to-peer networks in which individuals and small content providers can share information, in some cases supplanting the mass media.
So says Arturo Azcorra, technical co-ordinator of the E-NEXT project. He was talking about planned intensive research over the next three years, meeting the rapidly changing demands of consumers. His expectation is a radical impact on the audiovisual sector. This appeared on my radar via this post from IST Results.

This project is being funded by the European Commission’s IST programme. According to IST Results, it "has spurred cooperation on developing new technologies in areas such as mobile and ambient networking, self-aware and service-aware networking and content distribution".

E-NEXT runs an annual conference called CoNEXT which "is fast becoming a major annual forum for debate and information exchange between researchers from Europe, the United States and Asia on future networking technologies".

It's gratifying to see that we (bloggers, that is) are part of something that is influencing future planning on such a huge scale.

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