Monday, June 19, 2006

But what is my motivation, luvvie?

This post from Kathy Sierra has some bearing on my previous post - in particular, Stephen's comment and my response. Although her frame of reference is different, several of the principles translate very well. There are enough barriers to learning as it is. We need to make sure that we don't raise any more by distracting from the learning experience in any way.

We have all heard that cliche from actors (as in the title of this post) when instructed to do/say some or other thing. The reason for this is that, from the very first acting lesson, actors are taught that every single thing that happens on-screen/stage must, in some way, contribute to the main story line. There must be no superfluity, no distractions... and only deliberate red herrings. We would be well-advised to adopt the same approach.

Perhaps my roots at drama school are showing, here, but I am repeatedly amazed at how many of the principles I was taught all those years ago as a stage performer have served me well since my move to the learning industry.

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