Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Connectivity: ah, this is the life!

Today, I am working in my garden. I have an extension cord to take care of the power supply, wi-fi to take care of connectivity, a sun umbrella to take care of the glare on the screen, a glass of lime Coke (other beverages are available:-)) to take care of the heat and the thirst, and I'm "in the office".

My laptop is on the patio table, back to back with my husband's (he's on leave, but he's trying to resolve a problem in the New York office). The boys are indoors, playing on their PS2, the cats are rolling gleefully on the flagstones. The neighbours' kids are swimming in their pool, making delicious splashing sounds. The garden smells strongly of the conifers my sons were trimming back yesterday. Drifting in from next door is the tantalising aroma of another neighbour's cooking (I think the wife is Thai, and the smells from her kitchen would back that theory up) And in amongst these sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations, I am unravelling the intricacies of a system for which I must design learning materials. Life is sweet indeed.

As I look back over the career path that has led me here, I contrast this working experience with that of being considered late for work if I forgot to sign the register before 8:30 (regardless of what time I actually got into the office); with that of being expected to be in the office while authoring a user manual, in spite of the distractions that slowed down my work rate. I know that this always-on connectivity has brought with it many negatives (such as those my husband is experiencing as he spends a day of his precious, well-earned leave in discussion with staff in London and New York), but, for today, my experience is purely positive.

Contented sigh.

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