Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Harold Jarche has tagged me with the five things meme. This is a first for me, and I'm not sure how to feel about it. I have read some memes with more interest than others - this is one that gives a bit of trivia-style glimpse into the people behind the blogs. The idea is to give 5 little-known facts about oneself. Since I've met only one fellow blogger before (and I won't tag him because he wouldn't thank me for that!), I could take refuge behind things like my height and eye colour, but I won't...

  1. I have a thoroughly normal 21st century family: a sister, a step-brother, a step-father, a step-mother of roughly my own age and a half-sister who is only 12 and is younger than my own children. She and I have only met once - at our father's funeral. By contrast, my children are unusual among their peers, growing up in what used to be a normal family: both parents still on their first marriage and in no danger of quitting.
  2. I am a deeply committed Christian.
  3. My paternal grandfather won the battle in north Africa single-handedly. I know this from the stories he never stopped telling, and in which he was always the hero - it seems he achieved more in those scant years than most people would do in 5 lifetimes... Monty was most fortunate that my grandfather wasn't on Rommel's team !-)
  4. I am married to a Swede, and can speak the language a little. I am better at reading it than I am at conversing, but when conversing, I cope much better with the clipped accents of the east coast than the glottal sounds of the west. Sod's law - my husband's family is mainly from the west coast. I also speak fluent Afrikaans, a smattering of Zulu and Xhosa and can read Dutch.
  5. I presented an Afrikaans music TV programme in South Africa in 1988. I was very bad at it.
So there you are. I hope that provides enough variety. So who shall I tag? I am probably a bit late to the game, so the chances are that the bloggers I read have already been tagged. If so, apologies. Here goes (in alphabetical order, no less!):

Doug Belshaw
Vicki Davis
Albert Ip
Jeff Utecht
Wendy Wickham


Harold Jarche said...

Thanks for playing along. Happy Christmas :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Harold - you too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karyn,

Thanks for tagging me - I've responded! (http://teaching.mrbelshaw.co.uk/index.php/2006/12/19/5-things-you-may-not-know-about-me/)

Albert Ip said...

thank you for tagging me.

Wendy said...

Karyn - I am incredibly flattered you thought of me. Post to follow - as soon as I come up with 5 interesting things :' )

Happy holidays.