Friday, February 02, 2007

Tagged: how do I blog?

I've been tagged by Vicki Davis who wants to know how I blog. Vicki herself has published a very insightful and articulate post on the matter. She is a woman with her ducks very much in a row. Mine (ducks, that is) are somewhat less disciplined. So how do I blog?

  1. First thing every morning, I check my emails. Next thing, I catch up on my bloglines. Next, I check my CoComment. In one of those places, I am likely to come across something that sets off sparks in my brain. If they are small sparks, I will answer the email or comment on the blog post. If there is a major electrical short, I will write a post of my own. My thoughts often take shape as I write. These posts may be a bit rambling, and are likely to include a soapboax moment.
  2. Life is full of learning experiences, and I often think in allegories. If something has happened that has made a strong impression on me, or taught me a valuable life lesson. I will record the experience and what I learnt from it. In these cases, I tend to record the story chronologically and let it unfold for the reader as it did for me.
  3. If I have attended a lecture, a seminar, a conference. I will record my reflections on the event. Drawing out the highlights and lowlights. This style of posting is more common in my Ardent Student blog, where I am journalling my way through my MA course.
  4. My husband and two sons are all the family I have in the UK. Everyone else is ranged from Wellington, New Zealand in the east to Portland, Oregon in the west and Stockholm in the north, to Perth in the south. These people are not interested in my musings about the various aspects of my job, or what I think about learning, thinking, knowledge, etc. They care about me. About my boys. About my husband. They want to know that we're happy and healthy, and they want to share in our lives as much as the enormous distances allow. For these people, I have a family blog, where I record humorous anecdotes, achievements, events, milestones, news updates. Inconsequentialities to the rest of the world, but life blood to us and of vital interest to grannies and aunties who haven't seen us for years. These are usually related in such a way as to have maximum impact - building up to the punchline, or emphasising the ridiculous. Inform and entertain.
  5. Like Vicki, I seek to be honest in my blog. To be me. I have no patience with or stomach for subterfuge. Some people are quite critical of blogs that draw heavily on personal experience. I guess that's why they don't read mine. I can only provide my own perspective with any accuracy, which is what I do. That perspective may change tomorrow, but what you read in my blog today is a picture of me as I am today.


Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher said...

I read yours Karyn. You are real. You are also an encourager and I think one of the first people to comment on my blog. You encouraged me to be more and do more, for that I will never forget you -- and we've never even met. You are a great blogger and an undiscovered gem in my book. Great post and thanks for answering!

Andrew McAllister said...

Hi Karyn,
It's interesting to see how someone else uses their blog. Thanks for the insight.

Andrew (To Love, Honor, and Dismay)

Anonymous said...

Vicki - thanks for the support. You have become a real force to be reckoned with on the blogosphere, and if you're ascribing even some small measure of that to me, I consider that high praise indeed! You are the sort of teacher that I would wish for my children - and I haven't even seen you in action in the classroom. Your belief in the value of what you do is palpable in your blog, your podcasts, your contributions during online discussions and conferences. Your passion for your job - no, scratch that, your vocation, or as you put it, your calling - is a shining example to all teachers out there. Please don't ever allow the cynicism of others to dull you or grind you down. You've got it right - they are the ones who've got it wrong. "For whatsoever your hand finds to do..."

Andrew - You're a new presence to me. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. I have stopped by yours and left a comment or two of my own. I love the title, by the way - and the little summary down the side of what it is that you do had me in stitches - especially the bit about sorting out software.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if that last one is legit or a marketing thing, but I decided to give him/her the benefit of the doubt.

Saru said...

Hi Karyn, I came across your blog through 'Learning circuit' recently. Working in an elearning organisation contributing to the rapid interactivity/learning interactions tools, reading blogs has become a part of my day's routine & I must say I am impressed with your honest and frank approach in this article. It is simple,yet lucidly written and yes written straight from your heart. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sara - what an encouraging comment!