Monday, June 18, 2007

Physical and virtual - to divide or not to divide?

There has been a bit of a debate lately between Dave Snowden and Stephen Downes on whether there is in fact any difference between virtual and physical realms. If you use my links, don't miss the comments on these two posts. Dave also continues the debate here.

Both of these men are people for whom I have a high regard and of whose intellect I am more than a little in awe. They tend to operate on a different plane from me, and I often feel a bit like Hansel as I try to keep up with their reasoning, only to turn around and see that the birds have eaten my trail of crumbs and I am thoroughly lost!

Nevertheless, this physical v virtual concept is one that I have visited myself earlier this year (here and here). While I am not yet ready to consider that there is no line between virtual and physical. I do think that the line of separation has either blurred or moved or both.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the physical and virtual blurring. Moving maybe but the two are separate and, for now from my perspective, need to be kept separate. I see many people rushing into the virtual world, especially SL and doing all kinds of work which is okay but, we exist in a physical world that must be looked after and we all need to be connected to that physical sense of life. As we blur those lines, it becomes easier and easier to dismiss the one for the other. We need to be fully informed and fully living in the physical world regardless of what we are doing in the virtual. The virtual world can provide us with many great options but we cannot lose focus on exists in real time - not some other time.

Anonymous said...

Check out Artichoke's post, Kelly: