Thursday, September 06, 2007

This Facebook thing part 3

Since joining the blogosphere two years ago, I have come into contact with a wide range of learning professionals. I have learnt a great deal from them and have even been in the happy position of discovering that some have learned things from me. The occasional personal observation included in posts and comments provided glimpses into the people behind the blogs.

However, since opening a FB account, the nature of my conversations with these people has taken on a whole new facet. We have gone past the people-behind-the-blogs stage to become just people.

  • When Stephen came off his bike, we flooded his wall with good wishes and unsought advice, and he graciously complied with my request for a photo of his black eye.
  • When my FB status had been blah for several days in a row, Harold sent me a message of encouragement and I felt comfortable telling him what had happened to send me into the slough of despond.
  • Lynn and I are meeting for coffee next week. It will be our first "real life" meeting - although not for want of effort. Since her previous employer went into administration, I’ve kept her apprised of opportunities I’ve encountered.
  • I have made friends with Jacinta’s son Zane and am looking for ways to support him with the assignments his Mom sets him as she homeschools him. Since he is of an age with my own sons, I have directed them towards each other for MMPORG opportunities (it remains to be seen if they bite).
  • I have played Scrabble with Dean and Cammy (your move, Cammy!).
While I continue to learn from these people on a professional level, they have become three dimensional. The black-and-white of their stated position in some areas has gained a measure of grey as their humanity has emerged.


Cammy Bean said...

Hey - I'm trying to catch up...and frankly, I think Facebook Scrabble is the best part of the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Cammy: I agree. Your move again! I'm so bummed that I had to "waste" my Q...