Friday, January 04, 2008

Copping out of LCB's big question for January

This month's big question, fittingly enough, is

What are your predictions for learning in 2008?
I'm kind of skittish about making predictions in a field where I am not really one of the leaders. Especially after seeing Stephen Downes's grades for eLearn Magazine's predictions from last year. Like I'm going to set myself up for that!

I thought I might stick my tongue firmly in my cheek, get really specific and predict that Jay Cross and Stephen would disagree on something. That Stephen would make a categorical statement and Dave Snowden would make an equally categorical but totally contradictory statement. But those are no-brainers!

So instead, I'd like to own up to the fact that I have no idea. I have a few hopes, but whether they will come to pass or not remains to be seen. I would like to see the Great Divide between corporate and academic learning eroded. I would like to see more elements of technology and learner empowerment introduced into corporate learning programmes and the traditional bums-on-seats courses becoming more blended.

What I will say, though, is that I've bought my ticket, and I've taken my seat. Let's see where this ride goes.

All abo-oard!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if that academic & corporate divide will get any smaller. Read a couple of interesting articles about the relevance (or not) to business leaders of research questions asked and answered by academics.
Wouldn't it be great if a transdisciplary approach was adopted by all & collaboration and sharing of ideas was the norm.
Regarding the next 12 months... I don't know either, exiting isn't it!

Anonymous said...

Lynn: I live in hope!

With the increase in corporate academies offering academic accreditation backed by this or that university, there must surely be an increase in discussion and mutual understanding... Please?

Anonymous said...

PLEASE - especially seeing as I have recently moved from one t'other - also strategic need & budget in large corps to source out their R&D, haven't seen any of this appearing much in eLearning /learning tech but I think it will emerge this year

Anonymous said...

My experience is that the corporates seem reluctant to invest in real R&D related to learning technologies... which is as muchas a I dare say without getting myself into trouble ;-)