Friday, February 22, 2008

It comes to us all

I have a new favourite song, featured in this YouTube video. It's David Jordan's Sun goes Down.

I love the rhythm and the fusion of sounds - I can hear bits of Eastern Europe, bits of the middle east, bits of the Indian subcontinent, bits of Celt. It stirs my blood, and I can't keep my feet still. Mind you, being African, I am bound to be a sucker for something that is so strongly rhythm-driven.

I was showing this clip to my kids, because my ravings about the song were drawing blank looks. I told them that whenever this song comes on the radio while I'm in the car, I turn the volume way up and vibe along with the music.

Without missing a beat, my younger son said, "Oh, so you turn it up to about volume 2, then, Mom?"

Sigh. You know you're getting old when....


Anonymous said...

My youngest son frequently tells me not to play my music so loud or so late. I'm fairly certain this is back-to-front to the way things should be.

Anonymous said...

Sharon: I don't know about it being the opposite of how it should be, but I suspect it's the opposite of how it usually is. You go girl!