Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My reputation precedes me!

Yesterday I attended a design meeting for a new project. It is in its early stages at this point. The client contacted me and asked if I would attend. Apparently the author/SME had asked for me. We had worked together on a previous project, and he felt that the working relationship had been positive. He couldn't remember my name though. Instead he referred to me as that "bossy woman from L&D".

So, if you hear anyone talking about needing someone bossy for an L&D project, it's probably me they're after.

Let them know where they can find me.


Anonymous said...

hehehe - from the L&D departments I have worked in I think everyone could be described as 'that bossy person' ... or perhaps that 'loudmouthed attention seeker'!


Anonymous said...

Bossy, but you know your mind. It is always reassuring to work with people who know their minds. I am a drift wood Karyn and I love the solid rocks like you! Hugs

Anonymous said...

this post really got me thinking... i have been looking for "a bossy person" in L&D for a while. I know you have got your hands full but I could really use some advice. If you get a mo could you mail me at toby [at] digitalaprents [dot] org?

Anonymous said...

@mick Yup! That would be me, too. When asked for three words that best describe me, I usually say "loud.loud.loud"

@rina You say the sweetest things! Oddly, I don't see myself as rocklike at all. In fact one of the reasons my marriage works as well as it does is that, when I have finished bouncing off the walls and fizzing and buzzing and waving my hands about, I can find my rock of a husband exactly where I left him, smiling fondly at me.

@toby Done. I guess I had better mention here (as I have done in the email) that, depending on what it is you're asking, I might be bound by restraint of trade agreement. I might not, of course, but I feel I need to put that in writing.