Monday, June 16, 2008

Encouraging creativity

'Twas the night before Father's day and all through the house no-one was stirring, not even a mouse.

Yeah right!

Actually, there was blind panic as two teenage boys realised they had forgotten to act on any of their mother's several reminders and buy a card for their Dad for the morning. The elder one shrugged and said, "I'll make him breakfast in bed: one of my incomparable omelettes, with some filter coffee and fruit juice."

The younger one blamed his mother for not dragging him to the shop by his luxuriant hair. The mother's dulcet voice could be heard in the next county as she gently told him, "Don't you DARE lay this one on me!" She was near to tears as she thought of the hurt her husband would feel as the morning passed without the recognition that, commercial nonsense or not, was more than his due.

Then came the sounds of loud banging from the garage. After some time, the mother went down to investigate. It was getting late and there were neighbours to be considered.

She found her younger son surrounded by bits of wood, nails and a hammer. He had gone scavenging in the garden and found the leavings of the previous owners of the house. These included several tongue-and-groove planks and some rolls of splitpole edging of the type used for garden beds. He used these to produce (taDAH!) a Father's day gift:

His Dad was so tickled with it that he immediately took a photo and posted it on his Facebook page.

Nice save kiddo!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Karyn these boys are gems. Really sweet, you brought many smiles.

Anonymous said...

@rina There are times when I look at them and wonder how they have turned out as well as they have. Then there are times when I want to know where a mother goes to hand in her notice! But that's parenting, I guess. There's the rough and there's the smooth.