Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday smile

Ever had one of those moments where you're thought, "Rats! I wish I had my camera with me"?

I had one today. Mind you, since I was driving at the time, having my camera with me wouldn't really have provided me with a solution!

So, without benefit of pictures, let me try to describe the scene for you to start your Friday off with the same smile I did.

As I was driving in to work very early this morning, I saw a few things that I don't normally get to see an hour later when the rhythm of the day has stepped up. One of these was the following sight.

Two old dears were out for a brisk morning walk. Not quite power walking, but certainly not strolling, either. There were kitted out in matching tracksuits, baseball style caps and trainers. The lady on the left was walking determinedly with her head down. The lady on the right was talking nineteen to the dozen, with all sorts of accompanying hand gestures.

Then I noticed their caps. Neatly stitched across the front of the cap on the left was the word "Walkie" while the cap on the right said "Talkie".

I kid you not.

I 'bout split my face grinnin' at them.

They didn't notice.

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John Zurovchak said...


ROFL...I am almost peeing my pants. Thanks for the excellent visual. Now that is a good piece of digital storytelling!

John Z