Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Siemens: Questions I'm no longer asking

This post is so brilliant, I wish I'd written it myself! George Siemens has absolutely nailed it with this one. While many people are still squabbling over the scraps like the gulls in Finding Nemo (see below), George has long since reached "ah shaddup" point.

The questions he's no longer asking are:

  1. Is online learning more or less effective than learning in a classroom?
  2. Does technology use vary by age?
  3. How do learning styles influence learning online?
  4. What role do blogs or microblogging [insert tool in question] play classroom or online learning?
  5. How can educators implement [whatever tool] into their teaching?
  6. Is connectivism a learning theory?
I won't steal his thunder by revealing the answers here - go and read them on his blog. You won't be sorry.

And now for those gulls...


V Yonkers said...

But you didn't answer his last question. What questions are you no longer asking and which ones do you feel are relevant? Or maybe it should be: which questions are you no longer answering?

The upsycho said...

@Virginia I don't think I can improve on his questions. They are mostly issues I have fulminated on from this vantage point before.

Perhaps I would add: Is it appropriate to allow access to social media in the workplace?