Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A blast from the past!

I hadn't expected to find a reference to Tom Peters in the world of e-Learning, but there he was, listed on e-Learning Guru's http://www.e-learningguru.com/ eLearning Blogroll.

When I worked for Applied Learning in South Africa, we used to market Tom's videos to corporate clients, but that was the last contact I had had with him and his work, other than forays into his books. (Note: Since his books tend to be a collection of rants and heart-on-the sleeve fulminations, they don't have to be read in a linear fashion. Pick up and put down. Read one "chapter" seven times and avoid another altogether - it matters not!)

In England, things American are disdained - particularly "things" as rah-rah as Tom Peters. I can't even recall seeing his books on sale here. As a consequence, he had more or less dropped off my radar. However, I am totally sold on the positivity of the American psyche and am a fan of their enthusiastic support for effort and excellence. Tom Peters is concentrated essence of this!

I was therefore never going to be able to resist a peek at his website: http://www.tompeters.com/, when I found the reference to it. He has, of course, aged a great deal in the 15 years, if his picture is anything to go by, but he appears to have lost none of his labrador puppy enthusiasm, romping all over people's toes. The puppy analogy falls short of describing his incisive brain and big-picture perspective, though!

I am currently cherry-picking my way through Project 05, available as a free pdf download - http://tompeters.com/pdfs/Project05.pdf. I so support the current trend of putting stuff out there for people to share and not clutching one's wisdom jealously to one's chest, where it does minimal good!

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