Thursday, November 10, 2005

A personalised curriculum?

Yesterday, I attended a team meeting with my peers at work. As learning designers, we looked at some of the challenges facing us, both old and new. To start with, we shared insights into our current projects - what was working and what wasn't.

Then one of the team presented a challenge to us in the shape of a design project restricted by the tools currently available to us. At this point, we were joined by some of the advisors from a client company. What was interesting was the differing perceptions of our respective roles and how they meshed together. The exercise itself showed the need for discipline to work within the restrictions of what is available. There is absolutely no point in chasing butterflies if your toolkit doesn't include a butterfly net! My frustration is that butterfly nets are freely available and I can see no reason to be without one.

After lunch, it was my turn to present a session on eLearning 2.0. I opted to simply share what I have learned in researching the subject lately while I've been spinning my wheels between projects. The presentation certainly sparked off some lively conversations, which was precisely the point. Today, my bloglines update gave me this link which ties in very closely with what we were discussing.

The final session was taken by our Solutions Architect - a man of prodigious knowledge in the field of eLearning. He challenged us to find ways of identifying a client organisation in terms of areas like learning culture, technical capability, potential for on- and off-line group and idividual resources and activities.

All in all, a productive day.

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