Friday, February 24, 2006

Music and learning

Kathy Sierra (Creating Passionate Users) has a post about the relationship between music and achievement.

She comments on the proliferation of iPods among the athletes at the winter Olympics in Turin, during practice, during warm-up, while waiting to compete - sometimes even during their events.

In our office, almost everyone has a set of headphones on at some point. The music helps to shut out the distractions of other people's phone calls and conversations, so that each individual can focus on the task at hand. However, since I love music so passionately, I often find it difficult not to focus on the music itself. I have even been known to burst into song to the distraction of my colleagues. I have to be careful to stick with musical wallpaper and avoid the sort of stuff that makes me want to sing along - that I save for the traffic jams on the way into and out of work!

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