Monday, February 04, 2008

Funday Monday

Vicki Davis has declared this Funday Monday. Her post on the subject includes several YouTube clips guaranteed to raise a smile. She has challenged her readers to make a contribution to the notion of Funday Monday.

While this isn't exactly funny... and most people have probably seen it by now, it gives me such a boost, so I thought I'd include it here.

Tag. You're it!


Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher said...

Karyn -- What can I say? I am totally in tears. I am so moved and no, I haven't seen this video (am I the only one.)

I am so moved, that I had to blog it.

Thank you, my friend, for again encouraging me across the big pond!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Vicki - I think I kind of ruined your "funday" Monday. Sorry about that!

I had to smile at your warning about animals in the wild not being suitable material for kids - I was raised seeing things like this on a regular basis, as were my children. In South Africa, this is considered a natural part of life, and most parents there would consider it a privilege for their children to get to watch something like this unfold.

Isn't it interesting how views and cultures differ around the world?

Glad to have motivated you to stand up and fight!

Anonymous said...

I am totally moved too! I am in Dean Shareski's ECMP 355 class, and I have recently viewed your video. I do agree with Karyn; however, I have not had a chance to view anything like this before, as many children in our culture have not as well. I guess we could consider it the chain of life? And I also agree with Karyn when she says that this is a natural part of life. It happens; the food chain happens. Thanks for sharing your videos and opinions.

Anonymous said...

lindsaypolowich: thanks you for your comment. Dean and I occupy a good many of the same spaces online, so I feel I know him fairly well.

I must point out that few people will have seen anything like this - even those who spend a great deal of time in the wild. A situation like this one is a total rarity. The confrontation between any two of the animals/groups of animals featured, yes, but all three? That's something of a one-off!