Thursday, March 13, 2008

Passion quilt: inviting myself

I haven't been invited to participate in this meme, but I thought I would anyway!

My contribution takes the form of a picture taken by prth8machine, otherwise known (I think) as Jeremy Roof, and I'd like to add the caption:

It's okay to make mistakes!


Unknown said...

Karyn, I don't mind you using my photo, but would you kindly link back to my flickr page? I'd appreciate it. I like your caption too :o)

Anonymous said...

@Jeremy - I thought I had, sorry - there's a hyperlink attached to your pseudonym. If I've got it wrong, please supply the correct URL so that I can remedy that.

Unknown said...

Karyn- I'm really not too concerned about it. I was thinking that flickr would have a problem with it, but after rereading their usage rules, since you are hosting the full size image yourself, I guess they won't really care. Thanks for linking to me. I appreciate it.