Monday, March 31, 2008

Don't write anyone off!

Last night I saw a video clip of a father and son duo called Dick and Rick Hoyt. I was in a public place, so my loud, wracking sobs were something of an embarassment!

Tell me this father's dedication doesn't touch you!

Rick and I were born in the same year, so I am very aware of the fact that Dick must be around 70 years old. Watching this man bodily lift his son out of the water so that he can "experience the thrill of the race" was a very humbling experience for me. It caused me to revise my ideas of how I behave towards my own children. And towards the people whose learning journey I stand to influence from time to time.

Please take a moment (okay - 10 minutes) out of your busy day to watch it.

Note: If you're the sort of person who is offended by worship music, the audio of last half of the video might not sit comfortably with you.

Oh, and you might be interested to learn that Team Hoyt was refused entry in the London Marathon for health and safety reasons!


Anonymous said...

So London Marathon refused entry which shows how far they have gone from sporting ideals.
There are times when I am thoroughly ashamed to be associated with my country.
Investigating this now (for what it is worth).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this inspiring video. There are teardops all over my keyboard...

Anonymous said...

@Peter I'd be interested to hear what you discover about that - after all, some people compete in the weirdest of costumes, and several people compete in wheelchairs. I can't see how Team Hoyt can be any greater a risk than they are.

@Cheryl I totally understand. I am hard pressed not to stand and applaud every time I watch it!