Tuesday, April 01, 2008

LCB's big question for April

This month's big question is:

What would you like to do better as a Learning Professional?

The answer is simple: I would like to have better technical nous.

My html is (to use a very English term) pants! I am useless with architecture. I can barely sort out my blog template using the standard ones on offer, let alone create my own customised version. I am clueless about widgets. I know precious little about SCORM, LMSs CMSs.

I come up with all these grandiose ideas of what I want to do when it comes to designing a learning resource, and then someone asks me the dreaded question: "How do you plan to achieve that?" Oh crud, I don't know - I'm just going to wave my arms and talk loudly and the production pixies will weave their magic.

I hate being ignorant. I hate the limitations it places on me. I hate the fact that I run the risk of making promises I can't deliver on because I've overlooked some fundamental factor or other.



Anonymous said...

I love those production pixies, they are so clever! but maybe they wouldn't be so clever without someone who has the fantastic ideas, sees the vision and waves their arms around a lot!

John said...

It doesn't take that much to learn enough SCORM to design great learning content. Don't even try and get caught in the weeds of it. Focus on good learning content first. Then get someone technical to translate your content flow and behaviors to SCORM.

As for the LMS, most vendors and designers don't get a choice here. You build for what your "customer" has. It may or may not work right. It's a total crap shoot to be honest.

Wendy said...

I like the idea of production pixies! Instead of "Application Training Specialist" or what have you, I can put "production pixie" on my card!!!!

Think I'll go ask the boss......

Anonymous said...

@lynn Thanks for that boost!
@john Being content neutral, I am usually reliant on SMEs for content. Increasingly these days, I prefer to try find ways to put people in touch with recources or other people. I am trying to move my clients to a world where the network is king, rather than the content.
@wendy You'll always be a pixie to me ;o)

V Yonkers said...

I wish I had access to the production pixies. Unfortunately, I'm it! But boy can I be creative when I don't know how to do something! I know from reading your posts in the past that keeping the eye on the goal is what is important. Funny that your list matches mine almost to the T!

Rina Tripathi said...

So much that I initiallay felt Karyn. You know I read that blog where you takl of customised silver bangles, it is such a sweet one. Now that thing will always be in my memory-If you want to make it secial add a personal touch to it. When I read your writings you come across as a very sensitive and knowledgable human, and that is the most important thing. I relate to most of your writings specially about kids and I made my son read your lovely blog on how your sons got ther gaming console. Now as I read this post It's again same feeling. When I started six months back all was like an information avalanch. Now I start absorbing all this and honestly the more blogs I am reading the clearer the picture becomes. Your blog is a beautiful relaxing place and I shall travel here often to sense another human's feelings. Blessings for sharing your knowledge and sensitivity. Hugs

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