Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FINALLY - the connected academic comes to Karyn'r erratic learning journey

I read Grainne Conole's post with a smile a while back and (just for fun) decided to have a go at the quiz myself. Of course, it was blocked at the office... along with everything else that smacks of social 'not working'. But today, I am working from home, and decided to have a go. Since I'm not really an academic (although some people in my office would dispute that!) the questions aren't a perfect fit, but I took liberties and here you are (sadly the graphic isn't showing up as well as it does on Grainne's blog):

The connected academic
Your Result: Connected academic

You are the future! You've taken openness, connectedness and 2.0ness to heart. You are an asset to your organisation. I would be happy to be your Facebook friend.

Mildly connected academic

Unconnected academic

The connected academic

How 'bout you?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Way to go Karyn! Would have expected nothing less! I was unsure about some of the questions too and worried that i over estimated some answers as a result, dont feel i am the super connected dude the results suggest! Ironically? It turns out the quiz was produced by my colleague at the ou martin weller!! small world