Saturday, October 25, 2008

Locks of love

A further development in the story of 'the big snip'. Thanks to my sister-in-law in the USA, I have become aware of a charity called Locks of Love that accepts donations of hair to make hairpieces for underprivileged children who have suffered temporary or permanent hair loss for one or other reason.

While they cannot accept dreads or grey hair (sorry, Stephen!), they will accept any ponytail or braid (plait) that is made up of hair that is 10" or longer. If hair is layered, the longest layer needs to meet the 10" mark, and the hair can be donated tied in several separate bunches.

At this stage, we're unsure whether our son's hair will make the 10", but we're certainly going to look into it. It would be lovely to think that the hair that he has sacrficed for one charity can be re-used by another.


Anonymous said...

My daughter sent her hair to locks of love. I keep trying to convince my youngest to cut his middle-of-the-back-length hair and sent it. He says he can't...he needs it for hockey????

The upsycho said...

Well, whatever floats his boat... Perhaps the long locks give him that extra je ne sais quoi on the ice.

My son has steadfastly refused to bow to pressure to have his hair cut, and then he suddenly decided off his own bat to have it done. Phases and stages, I guess.