Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My sister's wedding

How wonderful it is to have family who have the means to make a difference... and the will to make it happen! Just over a month before my sister's wedding, just as I had been tipped into the earning abyss, my uncle phoned to say that he was using his Voyager miles to fly me 'home' for my sister's wedding. However, my sister was not to know until I actually arrived.

I was very careful to keep any whiff of the news out of my blog and my Facebook page just in case... although I did once bubble over on Twitter, being fairly confident that the news would not reach her ears from there.

My mom collected me from the airport on the Thursday before the wedding and then drove to collect my sister for a lunch date she had made with her. My sister had asked to be picked up from the car wash site, so I armed myself with a camera as we drew up alongside her car. This is the precise moment she turned to see me sitting in the passenger seat.
It is a moment I will cherish for a long time. The attendants at the carwash were bemused by these two middle aged women who leapt out of their cars and tearfully hugged each other, as one of them screamed over and over, "My sister is here! My sister is here!"

I have rarely had the privilege of being involved in something so absolutely perfect in execution and so rewarding in reaction.

Of course, there is a so much I could say about the wedding, but I doubt you would find it particularly interesting. There are photos on my Facebook page, if you'd like to see them. In the meantime I will share just this one other picture of the bride, the groom, the bride's three children and her grandson. When I saw my sister walk down the aisle looking so absolutely beautiful, I was in tears all over again. Tell me she's not a knockout!

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