Monday, November 10, 2008

Sometimes you want to see the whites of their eyes

Many of you have been following the saga of my son's sponsored haircut. Now that the deed has been done, he has begun to collect the funds owed to him.

The more connected donors have been puzzled about one thing:

Why have I asked for the money to be sent to us, rather than being donated online? This is a very good question, and the answer is simply this: my son wants to take the money in his hot little hands and hand it over in person to someone who is involved with the foundation. I had originally expected to set up a fundraising page online and allow people to contribute that way, making out a single cheque to post in for those who preferred to give their cash to us.

But what do I know? Apparently I am a digital immigrant. The youngest member of the family - purportedly a digital native - did not want anything so impersonal. He wanted to have the pleasure of the physical gesture of giving. No doubt he also wants the pleasure of the physical gesture of a smile and expression of gratitude. Who can blame him? He just sacrificed his luxuriant mane!

So the Romeis family will shortly be making a trip to London so that our son can hand over in person the almost £300 he has raised. I suspect we'll call in at a few museums to make the trip cost effective.

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