Saturday, November 29, 2008

Good grief - I'm rich!

So I don't know why I've been worried about this credit crunch. Just this week I received an email telling me that someone had kindly deposited £6million into my bank account because they didn't have anywhere else to put it. Aww. So glad to be able to help. Apparently, when they come and collect their money, I can keep the interest.


On a more serious note, I have noticed a massive increase in the number of these mails that are making it past my spam filter, and I worry about those naive souls who seem to be so easily taken in by things that arrive via the ether.

Isn't it amazing that when people are hurting most the vultures come out? Completely devoid of any shred of human decency. Perhaps it's because it's the festive season and this is some people's way of doing their Christmas shopping. Just this week, our local paper ran a story about someone who struck a deal to buy two 'hot' laptops from a pair of guys in a parking lot. After he had forked over £600 and the two had gone on their merry way, he opened the case to find it contained bottles of water.

It doesn't do to be looking for 'deals' in the current downturn. If you weren't able to beat the system when times were good, you're hardly likely to be able to do so now, are you?

Times are tough for everyone and the unscrupulous are becoming increasingly inventive.


jasonpriem said...

I reckon that part of the reason the vultures get more inventive is that they're hurting too...I never though about it, but I reckon that a bad economy hurts the con artist like the rest of us.

The upsycho said...

@jason Exactly! A woman I once knew returned to her car after walking her children to the school gate, only to see a yob smashing the window and making off with the handbag she had foolishly left in full view. She yelled and ran after him, but he had a head start (and wasn't hampered by high heels!). Once he'd opened a safe gap between them, he turned and yelled "Well, I've got to make a living somehow, don't I?"

I so wished I had been there - I was a sprint champion in my day and was in peak condition. He wouldn't have gotten away from me so easily! Argh!