Friday, May 01, 2009

pic of the day - beautiful boy

This gorgeous boy stands across the road from the emporium of all things South African which I simply had to visit today. Well, we've got a Zimbabwean family coming for a barbecue on Monday. They have expectations!

He's enormous, some sort of shire horse, I imagine - nearly as big as a Percheron. I'm familiar with Percherons because it was the whim of the Town Clerk for whom I used to work to have them pull the garbage collection cart in our small town.

I don't know if this boy pulls a cart, but I'll bet he could! I love the way he is framed against the sky, and the wind is catching his magnificent mane. I have another shot of him looking straight at me (I think I attracted his attention by calling him a 'boodiful boy') but the composition of this one is better.

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