Monday, December 13, 2010

BBC 4: The Joy of Stats

The BBC occasionally turns out some cracking documentaries. This one is no exception. Hans Rosling is an animated and passionate presenter who loves numbers. The clever use of animation is hugely informative. Although the comments on the BBC's site make it clear not everyone agrees with me.

One of the visualisations used in tonight's episode was David McCandless's billion dollar-ogram, a diagram designed to help people get their heads around the huge numbers that get bandied about in respect of the cost of this war or that oil spill. The result is very interesting!

If you are able to access BBC programmes via a feature such as iPlayer, I strongly recommend this - particularly if you're keen on facts and figures.

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V Yonkers said...

I use his presentation to TED in my classes to demonstrate how to integrate visuals into a presentation. I especially like his description of the Swedish college students.

If you are interested in how to present statistics in a more interesting way you can check out my delicious listings for visuals ( The other really interesting person is Chris Jordan's work (although his is art that represents statistics).