Thursday, December 09, 2010

Jane Hart's journey to social business

Jane Hart has shared her journey from elearning to social business in this blog post. Her journey has similarities to my own... and perhaps to yours.

Jane is probably one of the best known advocates of the use of social media for business performance. She and the other members of the Internet Time Alliance (Jay Cross, Clark Quinn, Harold Jarche and Charles Jennings) are running a workshop in London next week. If you're an L&D professional (other than a consultant to whom the invitation is not extended), you might want to find out if there are any spaces open.

This could change your professional practice.



Harold Jarche said...

Nice consultants can come :)

The upsycho said...

@Harold LOL! Who's in charge of deciding who's naughty or nice? Oh, hang on, I think there's a song about that somewhere... ;o)

The upsycho said...

...and by the way, I'm not a consultant any more. I'm now unemployed! ;o)