Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Craig Taylor's open letter

Craig Taylor is a comparatively recent convert to social media as business tools, but he has taken the bit between his teeth. He spoke about the use of social media tools for workplace learning at the recent Learning Technologies conference, delivering one of the most engaging presentations I have seen in a long time. The guy's a natural!

His recent blog post has attracted a fair amount of interest. Well it would, wouldn't it, with a title like "An open letter to those organisations who block Social Media sites…"?

What makes the post particularly interesting is that Craig is using Livefyre for his comment stream. This alerts people who have been mentioned in the comment-versation. Paul Simbeck-Hampson decided to test this by mentioning me and a few others in a comment:

...and of course, I weighed in with my response, as did Jenna Langer and Jordan Kretch - the people behind Livefyre (I suspect that they won't be able to keep doing that if their app gains traction). Later, Kate Graham mentioned Jane Hart and hey presto, she popped in, too.

It's an interesting way to tag people and invite them into a conversation. I do have concerns that there might be some misuse, and that some users might resort to emotional blackmail/passive aggressive tactics to try to attract specific people to their sites. It remains to be seen.

But Craig's post (and the ensuing comments) could do with a little exposure to those who delude themselves into thinking that they can control staff behaviour by blocking access to social media spaces as a matter of course. To prove his point, this post was generated from his organisation's gents' room, using his phone.


Dan said...

Aha, a good post Karyn. At least I know what caused the torrent of posts from Craig. My problem is that it all looked a bit spammy, so I'd completely ignored the conversation that I would otherwise have been interested in following. While there are one or two people on there it might be bearable, but I could see this quickly going the way of the "Daily" thing - I unfollow people.

The upsycho said...

@Dan Glad to have shed some light for you! You're right about the torrent of notifications - it was a bit like my Facebook notifications in my Inbox.

Jenna Langer said...

Hi Karyn, thanks for including your thoughts about Livefyre. It's always fun to see features like our friend tagging working in the wild as people jumped right in to the conversation after they were mentioned. I understand your concern for misuse, but we have found that people are very respectful using the tool. I include my phone number and email address on my website, and I've never had anyone use them inappropriately. Soon we'll add the ability to edit the text before you tweet so users can personalize the message.

Thanks again for your feedback, and we'll be having a blogger version coming soon if you're interested!

The upsycho said...

@Jenna I hope you're right. However, there are bloggers out there who will deliberately tag one of the big hitters in a post simply as an attempt to get them engaged with their blog. It's somewhat manipulative.

Of course, that doesn't make blogging a bad thing. Just as the potential for misuse of livefyre doesn't make it a bad thing.