Monday, October 31, 2005

Researching e-learning 2.0

Next week, it falls to me to present to a group of fellow learning designers on the subject of e-Learning 2.0.

I tried to get a rounded view by making use of several sources. I started with Stephen Downes because, well, that's where one does start on these matters. Trouble is, Stephen is the megabrain's megabrain and a lot of what he says leaves me goldfish-faced, and convinced of my inadequacy! So I toddled off to a few alternative sources in the interests of balance. Sadly, most of them had precious little new to say and simply referenced Stephen Downes fore and aft.

Stephen's own article on the matter in eLearn magazine: references several sources which have informed his views and findings on the subject. Several of these proved surprisingly useful or interesting - and occasionally both. Some of them served to crystallise my understanding of the context of the material, but will not be covered during my presentation in the interests of brevity. Here they are:

I have also found that "Googling" the following names returned some valuable material - some of them involved a bit of needle-in-the-haystack determination, but it was usually worth it:

  • Jay Cross
  • George Siemens
  • Etienne Wenger
  • Mark Weiser


Anonymous said...


I recently wrote a piece on e-learning 2.0 for the Guardian newspaper. You may find it useful.

Seconds out, round two

All the best,

- Steve O'Hear

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Steve - interesting article, although I only saw your comment after I had delivered the presentation. It went down pretty well, though!