Thursday, December 15, 2005

Merry ChRSSmas

Yesterday we had a team CPD day. The team has almost trebled in size over the past year and, even with a few absentees, we were fairly packed in around the table.

We started off with a "state of the nation" type overview from the head of our profit centre, which pretty much did what it said on the tin, giving us a fairly clear idea of where we are in relation to where we had planned to be.

Next, we each got the opportunity (in break-out groups) to share one problem we have experienced during the year and to brainstorm solutions with the rest of the group. This was an interesting exercise and served to provide fresh perspective on some of our frustrations.

After lunch, we reviewed some of our projects from this year, including a behemoth that I'm working on. I'm sure that will generate a fair few posts as it progresses, pushing me outside of my comfort zone and forcing me to acquire new skills hand over fist!

The next session surprised me. We had been tasked with exploring what RSS was, did and could mean to us (more or less). The title of this post was taken from one group's presentation. Full marks for lateral thinking I say. They went on to produce facts about RSS from within Christmas crackers. Three groups in total put forward their findings and, to my surprise, a fair degree of debate followed. I had kind of expected: this is what it is, this is what it does, this is how we could use it, next session. To me, it's a tool, like a screwdriver, and I wouldn't expect people to get hot under the collar disussing the merits of a screwdriver. I never cease to be surprised by the things people become impassioned about!

The final session was an attempt to support one of my peers who has drawn the short straw on a project. She outlined the nature of her challenge and, in break-out groups again, we tried to find some solutions. I can't say I helped at all, but I gather there were a few suggestions made.

All in all, an interesting and challenging day, capped off by a great Christmas meal together.

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