Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bored already?

So it seems George has had enough of learning 2.0 in his new article called Enough with 2.0 on his blog. The opening paragraphs would gladden the heart of many of my bah humbug peers who have threatened me more than once with pseud's corner. However, he changes tack a few paragraphs in, and I suspect the bah humbugs will mutter and withdraw by the time they reach it.

I hear George on his view that the way in which people learn probably hasn't changed a great deal - that we've just wised up to what works. Or rather, that we are wising up on an ongoing basis. However, with the increasing volume of knowledge and information available (not to mention the rate at which it changes!), it has become less and less viable to store it all in one's brain. This has increased the necessity to learn how to access information on a JIT basis rather than to remember everything.

In my grandparents' day, it was considered impressive when a person could regurgitate great wadges of information on demand. That skill is no longer prized. In fact, these days, such a person would be called "sad" or an "anorak" (in the UK that is, perhaps different epithets would be applied elsewhere in the world). This must represent a change in the way we store information in our brains (perhaps the rewiring that George briefly alludes to).

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