Friday, November 24, 2006

50 Million Bloggers

I was forwarded a newsletter from ITinfo that included the following article by Dave Murphy:

"Technorati, the recognised blog tracking service, reported that there
are fifty-one million blogs were in publication as of today. This is one
hundred times more blogs than were in existence when the tracking
service started, three years ago.

It is estimated, based on Technorati's numbers, that the blogosphere,
the global blog space, is doubling in size about every six months.

One hundred and seventy-five thousand blogs are created every day--two
every second. These aren't blog entires, but new blogs, each with dozens
to thousands of articles. an estimated 1.6 million entries are posted to
blogs each day--eighteen per second. These numbers do not account for
the comments, trackback pings, and e-mail distributions that follow many
of the articles.

While most bloggers post in English--about thirty-nine
percent--thirty-one percent ware written in Japanese. Together, these
languages comprise seventy percent of the blogosphere."
It looks as if blogs are becoming a bit like mobile phones and email accounts.
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