Thursday, November 23, 2006

It's oh so quiet...

It's an odd feeling, this. I have been posting less than usual, due to the fact that I am up to my ears in assignments, a new project and various other commitments. And such posting as I have done has gone utterly unremarked. Even other people's posts on which I have commented have received no other traffic, so my CoComment site has gone equally quiet. I have never been one of the hot bloggers, so my blog posts don't often attract much attention, but this is weird. I feel like the "action" has moved somewhere else, while I've got myself caught in a backwater. I've never been one to post for ratings (although it is gratifying when something I say strikes a chord with someone else), but I didn't realise how much I would miss the inteplay if I ever lost it.

Gary Larson
- he of the Far Side cartoon strip (whose request not to have his "children" splurged all over the Internet I shall respect by not trying to reproduce or link to it here) - did a cartoon titled Last of the Mohicans, which shows a lone Native American in a settlement of tipis calling "Little Bear? Running Deer? Where are you guys?" I feel a bit like that.

Did I miss something?

Writing skills


Harold Jarche said...

Perhaps this will help:
Heart Shaped blog

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard? Everyone's hanging out over at my blog!!! (I wish) You need to say something controversial and stir up some aggro - possibly have a go at a blogging luminary. Enough of this sensible reflection and learning stuff - leave that to me (I wish). Seriously, Karen, I'm still reading even if I've been too busy to comment. My work wireless laptop has been in the shop and I've been lucky to do a few posts of my own, in between doing end of year reports and other PC related work tasks. But enough about me - keeping putting those ideas out there.

Anonymous said...

Oh very good, Harold - a palpable hit!

Thanks, Graham for the supportive remarks. I doubt that I would be able to stop blogging my thoughts - it helps to "say things out loud" so to speak, but I thought I could hear an echo there for a while :-(

Anonymous said...

Hey Karyn, I'm still visiting and reading. I guess maybe we're all in the same boat with end of semester exams, reports and creating new projects for the upcoming semester. We aren't all hanging out at Graham's blog or mine either. I've noticed the same thing on my blog - visits but no comments except the spam guys. I know that I get want to see who's commented only to find webcam links! At least I know the comment button works1

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly - good to know you're still there! Have you tried setting verification/moderation on your comments to trip up those spammers?