Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Writing skills

Brag moment: my 13 year old nephew won an award for this poem. It's called "With these hands" and the young poet's name is Michael Ihlenfeldt.

With these hands - I could touch the sky
I could leap off the ground
Flap my hands and fly

With these hands I could slow down time
I could alter the weather
By simply clapping them together

With these hands I could hold back the rain
I could light up the sun
I could let rivers run

With these hands I could soothe the pain of the nation
I could dry up their tears
Remove all their fears

With these hands - I can do wonderful things
If, deep in my soul
My faith keeps me whole...

I was impressed at his depth and perceptiveness. Bearing in mind that he lives in South Africa - "the pain of the nation" is something he has grown up with - one would almost expect that he would consider this life as usual. It seems either his history teachers have been earning their keep, or my sister has ensured that her children are well up on the tragic history of their country!

Of course the poem is what it is, with a readership or 1 million or none at all, but I wonder if it would have made a difference if he had posted the poem on a blog. When he was advised that he had won the award, he couldn't remember what poem they were referring to (perhaps he writes many such pieces!). I have read so many wonderful blog posts about how kids have been affirmed by having people comment on their work when they have posted it online.

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Sinudeity said...

Thank you kindly for your insights and poetry! I appreciate reading it, kind regards.