Thursday, July 09, 2009

Instructional designers

I came across this question in one of my LinkedIn groups this morning:

What are the 3 most sought software skills for an Instructional Designer?

This was my response:
To be honest, I would place the software skills very low on the list of priorities. You can always learn a new application. I would be far more interested in whether the person
  • understands learning
  • understands learners
  • is skilled at building relationships with SMEs and stakeholders
  • is a shining example of a self-driven, passionate learner
  • is creative and original
  • is able to think beyond templates and content
  • knows how to create resources that engage people
  • holds learners/users in higher esteem than he-who-signs-the-cheque
These are the characteristics I would consider of far greater import than "Can you use Articulate?"
What do you reckon?

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