Monday, July 06, 2009

Sunday's pic of the day - sloe

Now that the summer is really here, and we're enjoying wonderful warm weather, all sorts of berries are ripening.

This is sloe... I think. Sometimes used to make sloe gin. Also used as a metaphor for beautiful eyes (although why this should be the case, eludes me).

As you can see, it is one of many sloe bushes, but it is the only one with leaves in that colour. All the other bushes have green leaves. Perhaps it is simply a different variety. Perhaps it is an anomaly. It may even be diseased. But I find the colour contrast between the leaves and the berries interesting.


Garry Platt said...

Hi Karyn - I don't think it's a Sloe, this is what a Sloe tree/bush looks like:

The upsycho said...

@Garry Hmm. There are some similarities (especially with the other bushes which have green leaves), but you're probably right. I'm still not that clued up on European plants!

Rina said...

We have one in the Himalayas called kilmora, the berries look exactly like this. The berries beneath are pretty and look yummy. Good luck with the new contract!