Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frustrated by a non-learning moment

So I recently got some new specs. Two pairs. Because I'm that old. One pair for reading. One pair for getting through the day without falling over or having a car crash.

The latter pair cost an arm and a leg, and comes complete with designer label... among other things.

Starting from top left of the picture and working our way down we have:
  • The case, with a Velcro strap thingy which can convert into a nifty little handle (although I can't think of a single situation in which I would need to use a handle to carry my glasses case!),
  • the specs themselves, all gorgeous and pink,
  • a little booklet, containing the guarantee information in about a gazillion languages,
  • a little lens cleaning cloth, pristine white (with logo, of course) in a little plastic bag, and...
  • ???

Let's take a closer look at the mystery item.

It's a little resealable plastic bag containing:

Here we have about 25cm (10" give or take) of cat gut and about 15cm (6") of 4mm wide, white florist's ribbon. There are no instructions, no labels.

I have posted that last picture on Facebook and Twitter, but no-one has yet said, "Oh yes! I know what that is. It's a...." One person did suggest that it was meant for running repairs in the future, which is entirely possible, but I can't imagine what repairs I might carry out using these bits and bobs. I have visited the D&G site (which takes quite a while to load), but there doesn't seem to be a page on which I can find the purpose of these items.

I hate not knowing stuff!

Do I throw these things away? Do I store them in my jewellery box?

Any suggestions?


Barry Sampson said...

I started wearing glasses for reading back in December, and I too got one of those... well, whatever it is, with my new specs.

Unlike you, I just tossed mine into a drawer somewhere and decided not to worry about it. Until now. Now I need to know what it is!!

V Yonkers said...

Well, I thought picture was initially a toilet (as did my daughter) until I read the post!

It could be for repairs, it could be to attach the glasses so they don't fall off (take the tape and attach the "cat gut" to the end of the glasses), or it could be a mistake that ended up in the wrong package (and now hundreds of people around England are asking, "what is this thing?"). Did you ask an optometrist?

The upsycho said...

@Barry I feel no shame for having awakened your curiosity ;o>

@Virginia I did. He had no idea. :o( The tape is not sticky, by the way. It's just florist's ribbon.

Unknown said...

It could be a stylish way to mend the glasses if you break them at the bridge; instead of duct tape.

The upsycho said...

@Pam Only I don't see how that would work. Wouldn't you need sticky tape to do that?

V Yonkers said...

This might help . In the ehow to repair eye glasses they talk about using masking tap over a set of pliers so you don't scratch the lenses and then suggest using a safety pin if you have lost the screw. Perhaps the "tape" is to use on a utensil as you repair the glasses and the clear "thread" is to use in place of a screw (put it through the holes and tie it off).

Barry Sampson said...

As I really had to know the answer, I popped into Specsavers whist I was in town today. This is what they told me;

They usually remove these from the box because it's not something you would expect a customer to use.

The nylon wire can be passed up the side of the lens, where there is a groove that will allow it to go all the way round.

The ribbon is then attached and pulled around the edge of the lens to remove it.

Simple when you know how!

The upsycho said...

@Barry How utterly weird. Thanks for the info. I think I shall throw them away. I have problems with lenses popping out unaided. So I can't see myself needing a bit of kit for removing them. When they include a thingy I can use for popping them back in again, call me! ;o)