Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Simplistic but passionate

One of my all-time favourite blogs is called Creating Passionate Users. It inspires me. Whenever I visit, I'm in serious danger of spending an inexcusable amount of time re-reading old posts and occasionally laughing out loud. It's a triumph for conversational writing, and a bit of a soapbox, to boot. Some of the posts have me spluttering with indignation, while others I might have written myself (naturally these are its highlights :-)).

It doesn't make any pretensions of ascending the lofty heights of academia of Stephen Downes or George Siemens et al, but it has passion - as its name suggests. Being a bit of a gung-ho jolly hockeysticks bear-of-little-brain type, it sits comfortably with me. The graphics are excellent and the issues addressed are real, grassroots stuff.

This post is a typical example of the sort of fare it serves up. Learning theory explained in terms accessible to just about anybody. Okay, so it's simplistic, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded of the basics every now and again - we are often in danger of taking ourselves awfully seriously.

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