Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stephen Downes on blogging in education

I don't know when, but I need to make the time to work through this material: http://www.downes.ca/dwiki/?id=Samples.

Not only does it impact me as a learning professional, but I have two sons in middle school, who appear to be learning precious little about using ICT at school. My elder son's ICT teacher is making an effort to get the kids blogging after a conversation I had with him before the Christmas break. I have fed him all sorts of links (and this is likely to be another that goes his way!), and we are beginning to see some progress. The problem is that the entire class has had their email accounts disabled because some of them were sending dodgy material. This frustrates me no end - no-one confiscates their pens and paper when they use them to send dodgy messages!

Two steps forward, one step back.

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