Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Big Question: To-learn list

Eek! This month's big question nigh brought on a panic attack. Hand me that brown paper bag, quick!

Facing the imminent prospect of self-employment, I am realising how much I don't know. My to-learn list grows daily until it is so large that I'm not sure how I'm actually going to find the time to do any work that brings in money!

Here goes.

I need to learn (in no particular order):

  • how to customise this here blog to reflect the Learning Anorak's branding
  • how to create a website so that I can make myself more find-able online
  • more about the implementation side of things
  • to keep accounts in such a way that I can fill in a tax return (at the moment, I don't have to do that)
  • to fill in a tax return
  • to market my services
  • to invoice clients
  • the differences between a limited company and a sole trader, and the respective advantages and benefits of each
  • more about systems architecture
  • more development skills
  • more about LMSes
Can I stop now? I need both hands to hold the paper bag!


DrBob said...

best of luck with this I watch with interest.

LMS - I posted on Tony K's blog here:

really good starting point. Know an LMS inside out....

Marketing: Web:...

Quick - get up to speed on Joomla: Looks fancy, easy to manage.. need to seo it though...

Get a 'net presence. Do some screencastsa.. define yourself... and get traffic. Even if you sell on a face to face basis - the skills that you can display by using a clients browser should wow them...

Anonymous said...

Hi Karyn

Don't panic! I mentor a lot of Maverick Business Owners and it's easy to distract oneself on things with all the things that we think we must know before we start!

Have you considered the following questions?

1) do you have a clear business proposition?
2) Can you articulate it well?
3) What's your strategy?
4) How will you market yourself? (SEO, networking, advocacy, PR etc)

Answering the strategic questions (like those above, amongst others) will enable you to answer the tactical ones. I have no doubt that you can easily find the answers to the questions that you pose.

When do you go self employed? and good luck.

Best Regards

Judith Germain

The upsycho said...

@drbob Thanks. I will look into your suggestions... if I can just find a moment!

@judith Officially, I am self-employed with effect from CoP 19 September. But I will only really be able to start promoting myself on 1 October for reasons I can't divulge just yet (nothing sinister, I promise!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karyn

I look forward to reading your exploits!

There's lots of free advice out there that can help you, once you have decided on your strategy.

I agree with drbob, achieving a good web presence will help.

Best regards

Judith Germain

Norman Lamont said...

Good luck when you take the plunge, Karen. I've met a lot of people who've taken that step and not one yet who regretted it.

The upsycho said...

@Norman Thanks! I hope I don't break your duck ;o) So far, there is the prospect of a fair amount of work, so let's hope it goes well!