Saturday, September 06, 2008

There are TWO of us?!

Okay, this is just weird! I have a Technorati search set up on my name, so that I can check out what I'm being quoted on/accused of.

Today, I discovered that there's another Karyn Romeis in the world! This one apparently works as a manager at a company called Panera Bread in the Oklahoma City area. As if one of us wasn't enough!

Somehow, I never expected that. For a start, the spelling of my first name is rather unusual, although certainly not unique. Secondly, Romeis is not a common surname. It's German, and I came by it thanks to my Swedish husband. I know, I know. He had a German grandfather who lost all his money with the devaluation of the Mark after the first world war and fled to Sweden. Even in Germany, it's not a common name. Two unusual names together make up an even more unusual combination, and yet here's another one. In the USA of all places!

I'm pretty sure that there is a difference in the way we pronouce our shared name, though. I can't imagine what she does with the name I pronounce Rome-ACE, but I'm pretty sure she pronounces the first name to rhyme with Darren, whereas I pronounce it as if I'm talking about car insurance.

I know that Stephen Downes has a namesake, but neither of his names are that rare, so that's not entirely unexpected. I'll bet there are several Stephen Downeses out there, in fact.

This is weird.


Anonymous said...

You should try being me. I'm in competition with an architect, a chemist and a film director! said...

There's a couple of namesakes for me - one in Singapore and another closer to home who I am in acquaintance with actually. Now if I can meet everyone with my namesake, that would be cool.