Friday, September 19, 2008

Not everyone has a yacht!

Rant warning.

One thing I have noticed of late is a tendency to stinging retorts about how the erstwhile Lehman's employees will all be off in to the sunset on their yachts. This kind of fatuous attitude gets right up my nose.

Not everyone will have been a high flyer with a 6-figure salary package! Just because the senior execs command(ed) eye-watering salaries and enjoyed lifestyles that most of us can only dream of, doesn't mean that every newly jobless person is in the same yacht.

There must be a fair few people whose jobs were low on the food chain. People who don't have a fat cash cushion to fall back on. People with mortgages to pay, and kids to feed and overheads to meet. People like you and me... particularly me, actually, with effect from 4:30pm today!

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