Monday, December 15, 2008

"I read your blog" and other surprising revelations

In the past few days or so, I have been surprised to discover two regular readers of this blog in unexpected places.

The first was during a game of Wordscraper (more about that, anon) with Stephen Downes. In the chat panel, I referred to a blogpost of mine, which Stephen said he remembered. Remembered? This meant he had read it in the first place! I remarked that it never occurred to me that he was a regular reader. It seems he is - of this and many more blogs than he believes people realise.

Last night, a friend described how moved he had been by the Zander video. I asked how he had come to hear about it only to learn that he, too, is a regular reader of this blog. He said "You'd be surprised how many people read it."

It's humbling to think that my ramblings reach further than I had realised. It's also gratifying to know that the interest in the conversation is ever-extending, that Everyman is well and truly taking the reins of the read/write web.

Stephen's is one of a list of names my kids may still be the only people in their peer groups to know, because they regularly hear me talk about them. But this may change. Because the names on that list crop up quite often on this blog, and because this blog has readers in unexpected places (the friend I mentioned is a financial adviser - totally unrelated to the world of L&D), that list of names is becoming known in new places. And perhaps these non-L&D readers will be challenged/inspired/motivated (pick your verb) to take control of their own learning journeys. So perhaps, one miniscule patch at a time, inconsequential people like me (and you?) will change the face of work-based learning provision.

Go us!


Anonymous said...

I always think 'oh no' when someone who is not in L&D (or someone local) says "I read your blog."

I write to an audience (L&D) so try to make sense of things in that context. If I take a second look at older posts thinking about Betty down the street, I think hmmm...

Actually, I'm very grateful that anyone at all reads what I write.

The upsycho said...

@Janet I blushed furiously last night when I heard that this friend was a reader - and I'm not given to blushes! I desperately hoped I hadn't tried to remember if I had written anything that could cause awkwardness.