Friday, December 19, 2008

The Scrabulous saga continues

I wish I could take it as a sign that the people of Hasbro read my blog, but this week's PC Pro podcast covers the news that "Scrabble owner Hasbro drops its case against Facebook imitator, Scrabulous." Apparently Scrabulous is a firm favourite in the office at PC Pro, too!

I was quite tickled that this discussion took place on my birthday (yesterday), so that was the day I came to receive this piece of good news. But is it good news? Or is it too late? Now that so much development work has been done on the poor relation, Wordscraper?

I will say this. The first sign I get that Scrabulous is once again on offer via Facebook, I'll be there like white on rice. Are we on, Mr Downes?


Stephen Downes said...

ll, sure, provided they keep the racks at 7 letters...

The upsycho said...