Friday, March 26, 2010

Earth hour 2010

I have often been asked how much of a difference I think I can make with regard to the whole 'green' thing, because, they tell me, I am only one person.

This is true. I am only one person. I am very glad of that. It would be quite tricky to keep track of myself if I were several people! The thing is you're only one person, too. Everyone is only one person! But together we are two people, and three people, and 10 people and more than 6.6 billion people.

And we are each accountable for our own actions.

Tomorrow I will mark Earth Hour. I am only one person, and this is something I can do. I will probably light a lantern and read a book by its light.

How about you?

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V Yonkers said...

Unfortunately, it is right in the middle of my daughter's play which I think would really ruin the effect if the lights were to go out!