Thursday, March 25, 2010

User empowerment... from my new watch!

Last night my husband arrived home with a gift for me, to congratulate me on finally completing my Masters' degree.

The gift was a beautiful Fossil watch in a case that was almost as gorgeous as the watch! Because I have ludicrously puny wrists, I took one look at the watch strap and said, "I'm going to have to take it in to have it made smaller."

My husband grinned triumphantly. "No you don't. You can do it yourself. It's designed like that."

And blow me down, it is. There are three fixed links on either side, then after that, each link connects with a clasp. I kid you not: a clasp! No fiddly pins for which you need magnifying glass and watchmakers screwdrivers. Such an elegantly simple solution.

So not only could I remove enough links to make the watch fit me now, I can remove more if I lose more weight, or add them back in if I (heaven forefend) gain it, or have a bout of water retention.

How cool is that? JIT watch adjustment. I feel so empowered!

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