Friday, March 26, 2010

Proposed ban on smoking in cars

There is currently a move in the UK to have it made illegal to smoke in cars and parks because of the risks posed to children by the secondhand smoke.

I don't smoke (any more - I quit 22 years ago). I don't approve of smoking. I don't approve of people subjecting their children to their secondhand smoke. I didn't let anyone smoke near my children when they were little. But:

  • There are many other things I don't approve of in respect of the way people choose to raise their children. Tough. Unless I think violence is being done, it's none of my business.
  • Children are exposed to secondhand smoke in homes where parents and family members smoke - I can't see the government banning that!
  • Who will police this thing? Will cops on the beat now have to add this offence to the many others they're supposed to prevent? The use of mobile phones while driving has been banned, but goes entirely unpoliced... and that, at least, is a traffic violation. Who will police a health and safety violation on the roads?
I can think of many things which place children at greater risk than people smoking in cars, some of which it would be very politically incorrect to even mention. Are we going to start placing a ban on those next?

I believe we can educate and warn people, but we cannot take away their right to make stupid decisions.

My 2p worth.

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V Yonkers said...

I agree. I think the money would be better spent both in educating parents of the danger and creating a monitor (like a smoke alarm) that can be used in the car that would sound off when the cigarette smoke within a car gets to a dangerous level (somewhat like the seat belt buzzer). People could still ignore it, but at least they would be aware of the damage they are doing and might bug some people into stop smoking in the cars.

One thing I have never been able to understand is why a few smokers feel the need to impose their smoking on others. It really is just these few who insist on smoking in crowded places or around people with asthma or oxygen tanks (yes, I have seen that before) who ruin it for the majority of the curtious smokers.